Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mobile Art Mastery with Susan Tuttle

If you haven't yet check out and signed up to amazing Mobile Art Mastery Course by Susan Tuttle, I wanted you to let  know...

You can sign up right now and get the 50% discount, but only for the limited time, Tuesday 3rd of May the price goes up to full price. 

Sign up now and gain access to the class immediately, and you can take it all entirely at your own pace and review as often as you like since you will have Lifetime Access to all the content.

You’ll get 10 core lessons (fresh, unique projects) that teach new skill sets and build upon those previously-taught, continually taking the ideas in new directions — so as to develop the unique digital artist within you. Indeed, there are nearly 70 video tutorials altogether(across a variety of styles: landscape, portrait, still life, street photography, urban grunge and more), as well as extensive written notes and resource lists, and tons of fabulous bonus material and freebies! 

I was  honored to provide one freebie kit and a couple of discount coupon codes to Mobile Art Mastery Course.

itKuPiLLi Imagenarium "Woodland" kit is 50% discount for Mobile Art Mastery students and "Woodland Add-On" is exclusive freebie to Mobile Art Mastery students.

From Mobile Art Mastery Online Course by Susan Tuttle

These fabulous collages by Susan Tuttle are from her new Mobile Art Mastery Online Course. Two first images are created with itKuPiLLi Imagenarium Woodland kit, and the third one is created with the itKuPiLLi Imagenarium Woodland AddOn kit as well as products by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals) ad Amanda Rockwell (Studio Girls ScrapbookGraphics).

Friday, April 8, 2016

Mischief Circus on Etsy!

Good news for the digital collage sheet lovers! Since I've started making larger scale digital kits, I have constantly got request to get back the digital collage sheets. And here we go:

Mischief Circus on Etsy now offers  amazing digital download collage sheets and images. We bundle our sheets for an even BIGGER SAVINGS!

itKuPiLLi Imagenarium @MischiefCircus on Etsy

Here are my resent additions to our continuously growing collection:


Sunday, May 24, 2015

New and renewed "Enchanted" kits available now at my shoppe!

There are new kits in my shoppe ~ "Enchanted Trail" and "Enchanted Trail Papers". Please click the links to see the details and the incredible beautiful sample pages of my Creative Team.

itKuPiLLi Imagenarium "Enchanted Path" elements
itKuPiLLi Imagenarium "Enchanted Path Papers"


Along with the "Enchanted Parth" kits I also released the renewed version of the "Enchanted Trail" kit. Click to link to see the details and the amazing art of my Creative Team.

itKuPiLLi Imagenarium "Enchanted Trail Renewed"

The new releases are always on sale (20% off) for the first week. But if you haven't noticed there is a coupon code for my blog friends (valid until 21st of June) here. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Digital Graphics ~ itKuPiLLi Oldies + a coupon code

Who remembers these guys? Many familiar faces? These kits are remakes of my old Digital Collage Sheets. The images have been trimmed and pruned. And they are now individual files with transparent backgrounds. The images are also larger to fit with my other digital kits at itKuPiLLi Imagenarium

Click the link to see the details and incredible sample pages of my amazing Creative Team!

If you wanna grab some of these oldies, here is a coupon code to get 30% off (you can actually use the code to purchase any kits at my shoppe, not just these oldies). The coupon in valid until 21st of June.



itKuPiLLi Oldies Bohemian Set
itKuPiLLi Oldies Ordinary Set

itKuPiLLi Oldies Whimsical Set
itKuPiLLi Oldies Cabaret Set
itKuPiLLi Oldies Marie Set

itKuPiLLi Oldies Circus Set
itKuPiLLi Oldies Gloomy Set